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Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs why so popular?
&Nbsp;    yangcheng why so popular? Yangcheng Lake ecological environment of waters, due to improved crab quality better than in previous years, although output in general than in previous years reduced the number, but do not affect people in Hangzhou "crab". According to the yangcheng Lake hairy crab industry association Fang Gensheng introduced, in order to improve the quality of fresh water hairy crabs, Yang Cheng Hu in recent years gradually decrease the fencing area, decreased from 80,600 acres in 2007 to the current 32,000 acres. Probably about 2000 tons of hairy crabs this year, there will be nearly 200 tons of crabs into the Shanghai market, as the saying goes: "Wu Yi XI Wei GUI" can really taste the real yangcheng Lake hairy crabs become a new fashion to improve the substance of life.

     crabs are nutritious, contain a variety of vitamins, vitamin a is higher than other terrestrial and aquatic animals, vitamin B2 are the meat of 5-6 times 6-10 times more than the fish, 2-3 times higher than eggs. Vitamin B1 and the phosphorus content of 6-10 times more fish than the average. Per 100 grams of edible portion hairy crabs contained protein 17.5 g, 2.8 grams of fat, 182 mg phosphorus, calcium 126 mg/dl, 2.8 mg of iron. Crab shells in addition to rich in calcium, but also contains crab Flavin crab red, and so on.  

crab feed not only dishes, as a medicinal or expressed. The Bencao Shiyi said: "its not, and blood. "Traditional Chinese medicine think crab cold salty, crab meat and heat, blood knot, such as cutting, renewal, Meridian and nourishing functions; shell be cleared of clearing silt, broken product and relieve pain.  

     study found that contains a substance--the crab's shell chitin, chitin extracted from a substance called ACOS-6, it has a low toxicity of immune activation, animal experiments have confirmed that the substance inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells.   Lu Xun said "crab people are admired for the first time, not the warrior who dared to eat it? ”

  taste of organic pollution of crabs, improve people's health, become more diners life indicators.

      with the purpose of the pursuit of personalized customization, from influence in the fashion world to building materials, home improvement, has now spread to the food sector, becoming a bright spot for high end food sales. Nowadays, when you receive a lot of Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, may be surprised to find that gift is not the traditional cakes, but a picture of hairy crabs gift cards.  

along the River, mitten crabs had become a popular holiday gifts, but as only the yangcheng Lake produced high-quality crabs and gift crabs are few and far between, so although many people hoping to holiday on the table to taste the delicious crabs this year, but because of market reasons, desire can only fall to the ground.

      yangcheng Lake hairy crabs become fashion gifts, helped along by market, crabs are not food on the table, and more people expect the best product selection.

      both yield, nutrition, fashion gifts, real hairy crabs in line with modern and high quality food. One of the specialties of the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs become famous at home and abroad.

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