Crab culture

Since ancient times, the crab feast special
     crab food since ancient times, people catching crab, crab, crab, crab, to enjoy this delicious, then under text record of all this.
&Nbsp;   Fu Gong of Song dynasty, has written a book the book of crab, perfectly summarizes the research results of crab culture. Several years later, high like a Sun on the basis of the crab, and extensive collection of research data, according to our own research, produced a copy of the ancestry of the crab.
&Nbsp;   the crab and the ancestry of the crab is the oldest of two monographs on crabs. In both of the works of crab culture in Song dynasty and the Song dynasty before, highlights many of the delicate crab dishes.
&Nbsp;   is a "crab". Books referenced in the famous gourmet after Suzhou Qian qianyi and Lin Hong-Chai, said quote: "... ... Male crab crab, high wind, cream, please raise your hand, not knives, soup with tarragon, especially considering the. Valley poetry day: a ' abdominal sterling qualities, two River Autumn Moon River '. Described as poetry in the inspection, by hand, not with a knife. See Qian Juntao Howe. "Lin Hong
Featured recipe is actually very simple boiled crabs, or crabs cooked in water, flavored with spices, wine Chela, with friends, very straightforward. Eating this way, with today's much like steamed crab, boiling crab, but it is the most authentic eating crabs.
  Is the second "Colosseum". Artemisia is a supplementary crab soup, is said to be very delicious. High Sun has written oath of crab soup, like a poem: "annual vows crab soup, tired not muddled release. "Venerate the crab soup is also very appreciated.
&Nbsp;   third, "wash crabs". After the crab into pieces, mixed with ginger, Orange, Plum, wine, salt, marinate for a period of time, as long as wash can be eaten.
&Nbsp;   four is "crab". With raw chopped crab, cooked with sesame oil Cook and Amomum tsaoko-anemarrhenae, fennel, and Sichuan peppercorns, water, ginger, pepper, and add the onion, salt, vinegar, a total of ten, one crab mix, for immediate consumption.
&Nbsp;   five is "wine and crab". December night crab dip with sake and salt, remove the crabs from the dirt, plus salt and pepper, add some wine to the clean utensils, pour in dip and crab juice, boil, after cooling, pour the crab, crab juice must be completely submerged. If extracts from wedelia, can also be processed in the same way.
&Nbsp;   six is "crab". Worse, vinegar, wine, soy sauce and a bowl according to how many decided to add salted crab. Or the proportion of wine, vinegar, and salt the second of seven pickling, the flavor is very unique.
&Nbsp;   seven is "candy crab." During the Tang dynasty, sugar, crab is a tribute, the song remained popular. Huang Tingjian once wrote "sea food sugar, Xie Fei, Jiang Laobai vicina" verse. Su Shunqing also said: "the new grains of sugar-frosted Orange crab beauty, drunken night life all wrong. "
&Nbsp;   eight is "crab-stuffed orange". Selection has been ripening and two leaves of oranges, cut off the top, and put out to the inside of the meat flesh, leaving a little orange juice, stuffed with crab meat, then cut off the leafy top of the oranges, one steamer, add wine, vinegar, water and steam. Eaten dipped in vinegar, salt, flavor delicate fragrance, when refined taste.
&Nbsp;   nine is "check 构词成分。 crisis is drought." This is the dish of the Emperor gave to Port-au-Prince, is made with crab meat and yellow strips of food.
&Nbsp;   ten is "crab food." It is made with crab meat sauce, only parts of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the vicinity of the Cook can make.
&Nbsp;    in addition, there are crab, 构词成分。 crisis is drought of wonton soup, Deviled crab and other species. Due to song's chefs use a wide variety of cooking techniques, not only pay attention to the
&Nbsp;     delicious, and beautifully, creating a variety of crab food treasures. Bell. This food culture in China, leaving a notable of yangcheng, edible crab is taboo. According to the conventional wisdom, not fit for human consumption before and after eating crab cool fruit, such as persimmon. This is to avoid all the crab's shell turn red. If not properly washed, cooked, and ate very problematic.
&Nbsp;   people who will not eat crabs along the Suzhou and Shanghai, who ironically as "cows eat crabs". Said they just seek pleasure, chewing while eating crabs, even inedible crab body of stomach, intestine, Gill and other things are eaten, it is so stupid. In the classical gardens of Suzhou lion Grove, there is a name for "cows eat crabs" Tai Hu Jing. It was lying close to the cloud garden, stones like a bull's head can be seen to the West, along the cow's head to look, saw v on the ground with a stone crab, raised double claw toward the Bull. According to popular legend, cattle, four foot, unable to peel crab for crab meat. Child stepped on the crab on its back. It gets mad, so the crab on its back hoof hooves imprinted. Central courtyard, also stands a stone lion tail upturned, eyes wide open, looking at cows and crabs. The stones landscape, known as "the lion still see cattle eat crabs". In fact, the folklore is reflected from one aspect of Suzhou, Kunshan area of fine food culture

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