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Mao Asi sold the story of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs
&Nbsp;  Mao Zhaolong (1897-1969), nickname, a Si, BA town. He was born poor, 15 (1926~) took over the business passed down by my mother-in-law of fish stalls, to Shanghai "with Shun Tai" fish traders buying fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, and extract 8% fee. III; years later, independent business, hung out, "ELAN fishing" signs. 19 years (1 9 3 0 years), and the Shanghai "Wu Shunyuan" fishing line boss Wu Leshi joint venture to create "ice plant", and "tongyi" ships. The ice factory, on preservation of aquatic products; the ship, increased transport efficiency. Elan fishing industry continues to expand, aquatic product acquisition as far as Wu County "of huangqiao, xiangcheng, Tin Jing, JIANG Jing, Jing and Xiao Tang of Changshu city, Mei Li, hupu and the counties of shipai town. Every day around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, yangcheng Lake area fishermen have flocked to Elan fishing line weighed into the capture of fish, shrimp, crab position, and with fishing line around the acquisition of aquatic products shipped to be shipped, transportation in Shanghai, daily throughput of 5~10 tons. Especially the autumn season, yangcheng Lake hairy crab market, Elan fishing line acquisitions of up to 4~5 tons a day. Crabs have been carefully selected, installed, such as baskets, each about half a kg for first class, 32 per cent for the second and so on, only requires intact, living strong. Crab prepared bamboo baskets on the hijab, used red paint to write a fur, Word, mark, and mark level and weight. Quality of the "Mao" Word crab to Shanghai, popularity, get free credit in the Shanghai market. Yangshupu on farms, Zha bei CAI Chang aquatic city, homicides every morning to wait '' yangcheng Lake hairy crabs '' word reached the rear began opening drink prices begin business. Many famous hotels, restaurants are scrambling to buy the "hairy" crab, is sold in order to show that homicides authentic yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, will write "hairs" empty basket on the doorstep of the word, to lure customers. Seller bacheng yangcheng Lake hairy crabs into neon. Shanghai yangcheng lake crabs shipped by air, fishing, commercial, and Hong Kong and Macao markets.

Ba Xi Zhi said: "aquatic products such as fish, turtles, shrimp, crabs, and reproduction. Shanghai merchant bar storage refrigerator, wheel Chi Yun, quite a profit. "That is ELAN of the distribution of the fishing line. In order to support fishing, Mao Zhaolong Shanghai every year money they borrowed money, interest paid to the lack of production cost of poor fishermen, fishermen in yangcheng Lake, are willing to sell ELAN water fishing line. During the fall, "tongyi" ship was lost to the Japanese, transport difficulties and scope have dwindled, but the "hair" f word crab in Shanghai is still very high reputation in the market. Every crab during flood season, vendors, customers from all over who come unbidden, forming a Palestinian town, traditional trade, crab.

     the liberation, yangcheng lake crabs kept as Pakistani famous specialty of the town. In 1954, the ELAN fishing lines out of business in 1956, Mao Zhaolong joined the song advanced cooperatives, public trust discount ice plant were under collective management.

     Mao Zhaolong best for developing local fisheries resources, he fished, acquisition, storage, transportation and sale of Jackie Chan, the yangcheng Lake hairy crabs hit brand, reputation, enhance the visibility of the Palestinian towns, its undeniable. Elan Yu XING BA Cheng Street, is located in the West end, original, I''q~43, is a three-Bay facade and two-storey buildings, paved along the rocky road to the North, Terminal South, Yang Tong, Bu the stone steps of the river so far as it is saved. Mao Zhaolong grandson Mao Yuda, g tradition, now in the crab industry distribution, business is doing quite well developed. 50, annual fishing crab in Kunshan, production stable at 80-90 tonnes. In October 1958, the fishery social classification of Palestinian cities and towns, featuring 40 yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, each about half a pound in weight, sent to Beijing for a meeting here, dedicated to Chairman Mao's old tasting. To that end, had received the reply of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, expressed cordial thanks. Attn original aquatic Group Captain Yang Shuigen is now retired, and song. Whenever I talk about it he was feeling was very 60 's, Duan established due to the inner layers, lock River Dam, obstruction of a duct of crab, ecological destruction, and crabs to migratory, yields decline. In view of this situation, in order to maintain the brand, increase production, the local Government has taken various measures, from opening na Miao, collection stocking, to artificial breeding success, and then rolled out to the city, the Crab production increased steadily year by year

long, Kunshan city, became an important agricultural and sideline products support industry.

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