Crab culture

Determinants of crab aquaculture
1, create a good crab Habitat

according to growth, habits and create a better adaptation of crab of Eriocheir sinensis growth environment, good water quality, achieve the growth of crab water, water temperature 15 ° c-30 c, pH 7. 8-9. 0, water transparency in 30-40 cm, requires more than 5 mg/l dissolved oxygen, hydrogen sulfide in the water content of not more than 0. 1 mg/l, ammonia-nitrogen content is not more than 0. 4 mg/l chemical oxygen 4 mg/l, color light green or light brown as well. Such water quality standards for the crab grows to create favorable growth environment.

2, and create a good ecological environment, improve the quality of Chinese Mitten Crab.

transplanting plants, water provides Habitat for crab molting of good ecological environment, can improve survival and recapture rate of Eriocheir sinensis. Plants can absorb solar energy, reducing the water temperature, conducive to the growth of crab, the crab that green belly white, quality is similar to natural growth.

3, selection of quality healthy seed of Eriocheir sinensis

in seed selection, good seedlings of various genes, and no degradation, resistance, fast-growing, meat is good, seed stock quality seed should be selected (Yangtze River), seed no deformity, injury-free, bright, against the strong, healthy seed specifications.

4, improvement of pond rearing conditions

pond conditions is the basis for crab culture conditions, to create good conditions in ponds, for the crab grows to create favorable environment and living places. Improvement of pond conditions from the following several aspects:

⑴ pond should be near the water, with plenty of water, fresh water, power supply and convenient pond bottom clays best, pond shape rectangle is appropriate, create favorable conditions in ponds for crab.

b remove excessive silt at the bottom of the pond before the stocking of river crab, first drain the water, clearing silt, and exposure, and disinfected the water, 120-150 kg of lime per acre of water to sprinkle it in the whole pond.

⑶ planting water plants: planting aquatic plants in the pond can be places available in crab habitats, avoid predators, play a role in water purification, can also be used as part of the feed sources, improve the survival rate of crab, promote the growth of crab. Grass varieties to submerged wheels Ye Heizao, Elodea nuttallii and floating water phase into good, aquatic farming area of the two-thirds area, be sure to protect water, high temperature decay, early submerged area separated by mesh blocks surround, protect aquatic weed germination.

⑷ transplanted snail: snails can purify the crab pond sediment to prevent breeding of pathogens or the river

live feed of crabs like to eat and have to transplant, and create a good ecological environment, snails are stocked in the hours before the Tomb before breeding the best who are planning a full release, Mu 500-600 kg, should always check the snails save the late in the breeding ponds, found insufficient to replenish, maintain snails save the crab pool pond volume not less than 100 kg per MU.

⑸ improve water quality: maintaining normal water level in the pond about 1 meter, high temperature water every 3-4 day 1, encountered bad weather, water changes, to increase water exchange, try to fill it up with water, sprinkle 1 lime every 7-10 days, each with 15 kg per MU, clarified water, increasing role of calcareous water. In summer often use biological agents regulation water every 15 days using 1, maintaining good water quality.

5, science fed quality feed, and keep a balanced overall.

adhere to the "two fine, green in the Middle" principle, feeds adopted a phased feeding in March-April, fed with trash fish and high-quality pellets, pellet feed protein in 28%, May-July with pellet feed in the early, medium-term August-September to feed pellets and plants, late October-November with the small fish and feed pellets to make crab eating nutritionally balanced feed. Nutritious feed, feed bad pollution does not meet the requirements do not use feed expired not use, abuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics for bait and feed quality.

6, keeping crab pool sufficient dissolved oxygen

in the hot season to control the density of water, preventing water rotting water crab caused hypoxia, scientific bait, fertilizer on a regular basis, keep color well, and microporous aerators or oxygen, keeping crab tank has plenty of dissolved oxygen.

7, prohibited the use of banned drugs

in the course of the breeding, do not use the disable aquaculture drugs prescribed by the State, in strict accordance with operation for the production technology, disabled banned drugs such as antibiotics and Malachite Green, pre-IPO must have adequate withdrawal periods to ensure no pollution of river crab, pollution-free, enhanced the quality of Chinese Mitten Crab.

8, prevention and treatment of disease of Eriocheir sinensis

adhere to prevention, prevention is more important than cure, often sprinkling lime sterilization, to prevent the occurrence of diseases, high temperature using a biological system to improve the immunity and disease resistance of Eriocheir sinensis, like healthy breeding.

third, summary

as long as create good crab of growth environment, select quality seedlings species, for crab created good of pond conditions, clear more of mud, keep sufficient of grass and good of water, species grass voted screw, for crab created good of ecological environment, science voted bait, keep crab pool sufficient of dissolved oxygen, suitable crab growth development, according to water products quality security control program implementation, imitation natural ecological farming technology on can raised out good of crab quality.

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