Crab culture

Crab purse-seine sets of requirements, selection of fencing materials
Second set, fence

fence culture yangcheng Lake area of 30 50 acres, a rectangular or square shape.

     (a) fencing materials

     mesh material is polyethylene 12 8th or 9th, anti-enclosure net for 6 6th, mesh. Fence bamboo 20 25 cm in diameter, straight bars, even without damage. Make piles with diameter of 6-7 cm bamboo, clamp 6-7 m long bamboo and bamboo shoots, pressing stone cage made with 246 stones, and bamboo, plastic wire, rope, wire, and other supporting materials.

   (b) fence construction

   General in end of or next year January for piling, and block network, pile from 1 meters, network of bottom with main stone cage fixed, stone cage diameter lO 12 cm, fill stone cannot too full, master in 70% a 80% for good, easy laying, makes network feet and end of mud close, to prevent main stone cage damaged, in main stone cage inside 50 cm at laying Deputy stone cage, diameter 5-6 cm, to River

crab flight. NET upper high out of the water of l_1. 5 meters, too low to prevent flood and was flooding. Set the back cover at the top of the fence mesh (escape-proof net), 50 cm wide, inward and downward tilt angle to 45. In case of crabs crawled out from the Internet. Attention when setting NET bamboo pile connections and do a little loose, not too tight, otherwise susceptible to wind damage NET. Purse seine after all the set up, should be put up outside the fence edges round cage nets, through routine inspections, grasp crabs escape.

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