Crab culture

Crab grass planting
Third, planting grass
&Nbsp;   the number of plants within the fence is not only affecting crab recapture rate, market size and quality, but also fencing yangcheng lake crabs the sustainable development of the whole industrial chain. Yu saying "crab size, water; how many crabs, grass" is a very visual metaphor. In order to protect the aquatic resources of yangcheng Lake, on the one hand be sure to protect the grass outside the fence, rational development and utilization on the other, must be planted in the pond water. Fishing professional before planting grass grid in addition to wild, then according to the different varieties of different growing methods.
&Nbsp;   (a) grass
&Nbsp;   first will network tablets will network surrounding split, half water stocking crab species, half water planting bitter grass, bitter grass General in Tomb before and after water temperature rebounded to 15 ℃ above Shi sowing, select sunny shaizhong 1-2 days, then with mill crushed Hou soaking 12 hours, fishing out Hou rub out fruit within of seed, and cleaning off seed Shang of mucus, again with half dry half wet of fine soil or sand mix species full pool sow. After rubbing the fruit is Lake sub people, grass seed per acre, it normally takes about 100 grams, and grass grows to 20 cm above, removing the separated mesh, the crab into the water area.
  (B) of Elodea nuttallii plant
  Water temperature 5 ℃ above can be planted, cut into 30-40 cm long stems of Elodea nuttallii, Mud wrap at one end, directly into the water, spacing about 1 meter, Elodea nuttallii multiply very fast, has now become the main planting varieties.
  (C) wheels Ye Heizao plant
  By spore sowing method, polyethylene mesh before planting spores separated from crab, using 50 g per acre, mixed with sand scattered when the water temperature rises to 15 ℃, 51 lO days begin to sprout, emergence rate of up to 90%, when spores grow into lush and remove netting.

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