Crab culture

Catching crabs is also a kind of culture

catching crabs is different from catching fish, iota damage if crab is injured or even dying, that is tantamount to a waste because exerting toxic, absolutely inedible, "scratch live" become the basic quest of catching crabs.
Mature crabs nocturnal, look for bright light is characteristic of crabs. As soon as they see the lights, groups of crabs will be in "guiding light" and "guidance" under a hat. Catching crabs like to exploit this habit of crab ingenious trap, the trap.
A method is Duan interdiction, let it slip into Duan "push the cage" or "fence", as "prey in a cage" or "Web Capture". This is the origin of the name hairy crabs. "Duan" is made from weaving bamboo "fence" Insert to the bottom, forming the "water flow, to swim," the blocking state and, where appropriate, "Feng Shui" opened a hole, put on "only and not" an "organ", and Duan hang lamps, you can frequently see hairy crabs entered. Harvest times, just not in a long time will come back with fruitful results. This "Duan" like "circulation of the gate", in General, across the Lake, "Duan" a lot, so called "the gate", then the "Duan" catching crabs naturally become hairy crabs. Others believe from yangcheng Lake in the Yangtze estuary, went all the way to swim into bamboo Duan crab here is strong, full of crabs, known as crabs. That go to the heart of the matter seems a bit far-fetched, but there is no better explanation, can be justified, is acceptable.
Another method is to set the net to intercept them. This law more flexible, just think there are more crabs in places are available on the Sub screen. Method is edge lit, crabs will follow the light tour. Once the claw claws tied network, could not move, it is difficult to escape, appropriate time to pull up long NET, sees a big and long jumping, fresh crab wrapped in online, just waiting for a win, "Bull" results.
"Duan interdiction established" and "set nets to intercept" belongs to the professional way to catch crabs, the basic principle is "lay mihunzhen, militiamen."
There are a number of other "minor" law, some catches with the met, some catches with the fun, all for farm caught eating or sale needs. As see has field, and grass in the climbed to has crab, on with scissors like wood clip to clip crab, both can anti-River bite and can anti-claw tied; see cave in the out breathing of bubble, on can judge hole in the has crab, so on with iron hook wear Shang introduction bait, stretch into hole in the to fishing crab; see soft of fields Shang has crab hole, on available feet hard Stampede, crab was burden, also will was forced to drill out was people captured.
Many ways to catch crabs, is also very interesting, but the key is "the midnight oil" method. Every autumn, I saw lights shining on the yangcheng Lake, spark, all night long, and unique scenery. Duan, some bright, some on the ship, waiting for the crabs, "jam", Oriental white glow across the sky, with the joy of harvest, a cage cages, baskets of crabs into the market, become a delicacy on the dinner table.
Today, many crab specialist in large quantities "ponds", mature into the season, as long as the sub-net to all crab "clean sweep" and small immature crabs back Tang continued, while others can be classified according to sex, size, and hamper shipping. Domestic crab was more crab than wild, but some gaps in the flavor.
Have experience catching crab people always see "look", aimed at the wind, finding water, Duan established cast nets, lantern lure, can always "hat", and no technical people who don't understand the trick usually only silly white, useless empty handed.
Watch catching crabs is a feast for the pleasure. Watch "rampage Shogun" as clumsy, slow, known to be trapped, but "persistent" crawling, total ecstasy by beauty, really happy and funny. Also admire catching crab man's brilliant, effortless, will attract crabs fight.

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