Crab culture

Admire yangcheng Lake hairy crabs
  Crab food products, yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are crabs in need. Eating crab is a kind of beauty to enjoy, can eat yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are coveted awaited. Admiring pursuit of yangcheng lake crabs cuisine, homicides per year. And the crab is a seasonal, will regret the missed a quarter year, every fall season, always snapping fingers, figuring the best timing to taste.
&Nbsp;  crab culture in order to increase the publicity in homicides in the past few years at the advertising, television, writing articles, engage in activities, so that people who want to eat crab first homicides, to homicides, one can go back again, homicides in the future people can "stir".
&Nbsp;  homicides has for many years had a mega-scale "crab Festival", invite each guest to observe great performance, holding various activities associated with the crab culture show "yangcheng Shui Mei, bacheng crab fat" charming scenes, opened the curtain of the Grand annual crab feast, and usher in a steady stream of crab people. Facts prove that "crab Festival" was held timely and fruitful, especially the crab and the marriage of cultures, rich crab flavor and enjoyment of content.
&Nbsp;  some famous homicides crab, crab, crab shop man, do bus city crab for stronger business exploits-the crab is established busy, thriving crab shop, shows the crab man's relentless pursuit. Every night, the spark point point on the yangcheng Lake crab Duan scale than, "fishing lights" Neon Night brighter day, boat Fang Cafe by the Lake are lined up, flow, such as tide, traffic flow, such as weaving, infected crabs King crab beauty and plumes of gas. In this full of crabs King crab fragrant atmosphere, visitors seemed to have entered a bustling metropolis, more snacks, more people are attracted to.
&Nbsp;  while eating crab, the crab can also hear some interesting stories, such as "PLO eat insects", "Chrysanthemum crab", "crab cow foot" folklore, which is also important content of crab culture. Also has particular experience about homicides crab also increased the attractiveness of homicides. When such as great leap forward in 1958, featured 40 homicides had crabs, send taste of Chairman Mao, thank you letter and the CPC Central Committee. 1997 President Jiang Zemin has visited the homicides, and crab, giving encouragement. These stories work, have become attracted an important force in homicides.
  Some about crab of civil saying also can in eat crab Shi get new of feel, as "westerly ring, and crab feet itch", hook up people attracted feet itch of Chase, if not to homicides is a years in the of a big regrets; through year after year of learning eat crab, until familiar to eat crab, no longer was called is "cattle eat crab" has; through so years for crab culture of create, crabs has no longer is "Parade", but real of crab Commander has; people said "shrimp has shrimp road, and crab has crab road", now artificial farming, No way, simply "matchmaker", artificial way, will be able to "settle down"; said crabs "bullies", now became unruly, "food"; said homicides crabs on robust glass "hanging eight feet" to stand up, to be bound, pleasantly surprised ... ... Old proverb led to a number of the new Association, giving a lot of imagination and inspiration.
&Nbsp;  this year, homicides also support building a natural swimming pool, lakeside Park, luxury hotels, villa-style houses, in particular those with the software Park, University City, make homicides are not only a crab's resorts, but also into the Park to visit, live a good entrepreneurial hot spot. To homicides, try crab, then take a look at the King, will add some nostalgia.
&Nbsp;  crab-related hardware, software, beauty, delicacy, and crab, crab, crab sayings contained the story of culture, a reason for the crab city attracted.

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