Yangcheng daily management
&Nbsp;  management   to regularly check the growth of aquatic plants, if too small, in June, transplanted from other lakes aquatic weeds, if too much, in mid-July summer culture of grass carp fingerlings to biological control of aquatic weeds grow, raising per acre 10-20, Elodea nuttallii heat, their heads should be cut during the summer, leaving only 10 centimetres above the roots left
The right to prevent their deaths.
&Nbsp;   (b)
&Nbsp;   check the fence every day, the main view outside the fence around the crab that cage net outflows, and escaped, taking timely measures. A small check for three days, mainly solid checking fences, damaged. Seven-day El Chaco, mainly view the stone cage are attached or suspended. Especially in flood season and typhoon season, to step up patrol checks, timely heightening and consolidation of facilities, find the problem resolved in a timely manner to prevent the crabs escape.
&Nbsp;   (c) morning and evening patrols, prevent the theft of
&Nbsp;   adhere to the morning and evening patrols observed changes in water temperature, water quality during the day, evening and night-time observation of crabs activities, mainly food, in order to adjust management measures. In the crab season to step up care, step up patrols, escape-proof carefully to prevent occurrence of theft.

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