Submitted by innovative food safety supervision mode in the national people's Congress
&Nbsp;         innovation and reform into two sessions focus on new food safety supervision mode characteristics of

food safety as an important part of the livelihood issue, again in this year's two sessions was repeatedly referred to by their representatives to address representatives of good Chinese food safety has become an issue of general concern, the representative also actively offered advice, seek a better solution.

for food safety, innovation and reform of existing food safety supervision mode became the two sessions this year for a new feature in the food safety concerns. As the tenth to tenth session of the national people's Congress, Zhu Yicai, Chairman of yurun Group on innovative food safety supervision, strengthening of food presented in the recommendations on the monitoring of supply chain security, currently segmented supervision model, increasing the food safety risk, suggested building a seamless connection of the regulatory system, and enhance cooperation and coordination of all departments.

Zhu Yicai pointed out that at present, China's food safety regulatory system, there are several problems:

one is "long" regulatory system exposes new regulatory issues. Presently, China's is "segmented supervision, varieties of supervision as a supplement" food safety regulation. Inevitably result in the implementation of this model in information communication between the various regulators do not shun, poor coordination, system problems and problems of accountability in the future. Once anyone no, then the cross turned out, resulting in increased risk of food quality and safety, food safety is difficult to control.

Second, regulatory standards, the system is not clear and not conducive to the full implementation of the food safety law. "The segmented supervision, varieties of supervision as a supplement" food safety supervision mode, meaning food regulatory standards, the system is not clear, resulting in all aspects of the food supply chain food safety and legal awareness, thus cause food safety problems, such as excessive pesticide residues, use of illegal additives, and cause harm to people's lives and health.

third, the current regulatory system is difficult to do a full range of food safety monitoring. China's food safety supervision system existing in the root problem, ignore the characteristics of food industry production chain. In the food industry chain in China, agricultural production is central to ensuring product quality and safety issues. Various events exposed in the industrial chain of food safety source there are some loopholes that the regulatory system settings need to be adapted to each industry's production chain back to the rational and professional considerations.

Zhu Yicai recommendations should focus on the food security of the whole regulation, from food production and processing to extend both ends of the supply chain as possible, build "seamless link" regulatory system and avoid conduction of food safety risks in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, enhance cooperation and coordination of all departments, subparagraph solve the Professional Division of labor and cooperation, supervision and overall governance, relationship of the individual responsible for common security. Subparagraph not only to establish the food safety regulatory system, to establish and improve the linkage of food safety supervision work and coordination mechanisms, the food supply chain as a whole and healthy development. Each link of the chain of food safety supervision in the previous link possible risk closely, the risks in the bud, or event, it had not yet had enough time before transmission to effectively control, stopping the spread of risk transfer.

in addition, Zhu Yicai is also raised in the recommendation, food safety should be directed to different varieties of food, develop regulatory standards for different foods and the legal system, so as to enhance food supply chain food safety standards for all aspects of business law, reduce the risks associated with food safety issues, standardized management of the entire food supply chain.

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