Put on the yangcheng lake crabs of the season quarter-
Taste of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are known, and now it is put on the yangcheng lake crabs of the season season, every day a large number of crab cultivation base from "weaning" officially arrived in yangcheng Lake. On February 9, the reporter followed Suzhou Industrial Park weiting town clear of yangcheng Lake ecological aquatic product cooperative workers visiting the graceful crab crab cultivation base, ceremony of crabs "graduation ceremony".  

size is less than 1 Yuan coins "back to school again"

9:00 in the day, reporters came to the village of Sha Jia bang lang, Changshu city, a neat little Lakes do not look to the side, this is the hairy crab cultivation base. And journalists to clear the yangcheng Lake ecological aquatic product cooperative Manager Wu Gen m, Wu Gennan 53 this year have had 32 years of crabs, weiting town is well known for its crab culture expert. He told reporters that base a total of 82 acres of water, crabs for the cultivation of the main special Kingston yangcheng Lake hairy crab breeding base. Incubator shajiabang was chosen, an important reason for this is the relatively soft soil, crab in Lake hit the hole, easily capture.

reporters with mobile measuring temperature, flashed on the screen of the data is "-1" around the base paths were stiff with cold, step up creak, standing outside for a few minutes along the cold people can not help but came back to take a bow up and stamped. Despite water Shang also knot with thick thick of ice, but up seedlings of workers are a early kick up, they wear Shang fishing clothing, broken ice Hou in biting of Lake in sequence trip to Lake in the arranged of grass heap next, Wu Gennan told reporter, grass heap is for crab special of "collective hostel", cold winter, crab like hiding home in grass in, has has "collective hostel", workers are of up seedlings difficulty can reduced many. Saw workers are struggled to moved open heavy of round tapered grass heap, with big baskets homeopathic a fishing, haystack of base on stability stability to fell in basket in, drag back shore, on can heard basket in outgoing "filled filled rush out rush out" intensive of small voice, looking intently a see, a only only "Pocket version" of crabs kick to through in wet of grass between, maximum of than a Yuan coins slightly big, small some of like buttons, minimum of not half star pumpkin child so big, Sun Xia, Bared of small crab also is transparent of, fierce BA BA of like evil is cute.

crab catchers, workers were busy sorting, Wu Gennan told reporters that as the yangcheng Lake is fence culture, if less than 1 Yuan coins, crabs can climb out of the fence, so small crab have "back to school again" after passing the body to "graduate".

crab shell 18 times to grow

Wu Gennan told reporters that crab shells a change at a time, will pass through "18" can eventually grow.

"Although is commonly known as ' crabs ', but at different growth stages, crab zoea, and Megalopa, crab, crab and other different scientific names, long stage to crab, crab crab to cast. "Wu Gennan introduced said, annual July, base from Lianyungang introduced Chinese velvet River crab big eye larvae, last year altogether introduced has 130.5 pounds, then of crab long have on like is drag with tail of" old white lice ", each pounds big eye larvae about has 55,000 a, put to magnifying glass Xia to see have clear, and grew up Hou only will" rampage "instead, then of crab only will do" before and after movement ", big eye larvae average each two days off once shell, soon on will off has tail show crab looks.

it is understood that bases the introduction of 130.5 kg crab started only in two lakes, after more than 20 days after training, when the crab grows to 1 pound, about 80, crabs can be raised to 82 acres of water. Wu Gennan said crabs are very vulnerable, especially as it emerges when, if there is no water protection, fostering of small fish and shrimps in the Lake crab will suffer extinction. Crab cultivation base "graduate" before, just like a baby "formula" crab feed, as well as a small amount of water, only put on the yangcheng Lake before starting to eat corn, shrimp, snails, small fish and other food. These crabs to March into tens of thousands of pounds of crab, President of dolls, all when to "wean" settled in the yangcheng Lake.

yangcheng Lake hairy crab flavor, according to Wu Gennan said, the current base is exploring crabs way of foster parents, to further prenatal and postnatal care.

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