Pond culture of hairy crabs in high temperature season focus on five key measures
Hot season is the key to growth of crab and crab diseases with a high incidence period, when the weather was hot, the water temperature higher, strengthening the management of ponds is essential, crab ponds should do a good job of "five":

1, improving water management to turn off

on the water in the pool to strengthen management and timely mowing to maintain a reasonable distribution and density to ensure adequate coverage, smooth flow. Find aquatic plants decomposed or floated, should promptly remove, water plant sludge, water decontamination, keep the water fresh and create a good pond environment, too little water to add.

2, good water quality management to turn off

water depth for 0.8-1 m, temperature adjusted to 1-1.5 meters, water quality regulation should be focused on three areas: first, change water frequently, generally 10-15 days changing the water once, add water every day in high temperature season 10-20 cm, and switch on the oxygen equipment. Second, adjust the pH of the water, keep the PH values between 7.5 and 8.5, quicklime adjusting 7-10 days, sprinkle it in the whole pond, 1 m water depth by 10-15 kg per MU. Third, with biological agents regulation sediment on water quality, bottom sediment quality improvement additives, and then use the EM bacteria and improvement of water, can effectively reduce the water of ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, and promote the healthy growth of crab.

3, catching scientific feeding customs

fed should pay attention to food, July-September hot season, is crab feeding peak feeds easily perish, when fed to keep feed fresh, feed must be "four, four", adjust the combination of weather, water, crab feed, feeding science.

4, pay special attention to preventing escape pass

often Tang about crab food, activities, check the escape-proof facilities, once found that crabs have escaped, in time to plug the loopholes, replace the damaged escape-proof facilities and intake screens, especially windy rainstorm, but also to prevent the crab escapes.

5, catch the disease to turn off

high temperature period water deterioration will led to various disease of occurred, this a period to do disease work, 10-15 days using health lime full pool spilled for sterilization disinfection, purification water, also available microbial preparations, improved water, and end of quality, control various disease original body of breeding, found disease crab, and died crab to timely figure out causes, remedy, timely treatment, July-October, alternating using health lime, and II bromide Hein, and bromide chlorine Hein, and II oxidation chlorine, disinfectant, while in bait in the added within medication for prevention, 5- 7 days for a course, continuously taking 4-5 courses. Exclude interference of virulence factors, predisposing factors for crabs, reduce the incidence of disease.

aquatic, crab and enriching. As a pillar industry of the crab industry, must implement the ecological aquaculture of crabs, healthy crab, crab science, in order to further improve the level of crab culture, improving feeding efficiency, increase farmers ' income, current crab must be doing work.

a nice, elimination of HIV. Both crab farming, or beans and crab breeding should eliminate the good drug, is the starting point for successful disinfection, sterilization time must be in the seedlings of 20 days ago. ⑴ no lobster pond quicklime 100 kg per Mu sprinkle it in the whole pond. ⑵ on lobster pond by using Danitol water disinfection, to calculate water, according to drug use. After ten days out of the water, then using 20 kg of lime per acre, the toxicity of Danitol disappearing  . C disable the yellow powder and powder disinfectant of sodium pentachlorophenol, because it not only internal thread pool and grass kill and have an impact on the growth of Chinese Mitten Crab, drug toxicity difficult to disappear. ⑷ lobster pond outside except drugs kill, human hunting and eco-hunting can also be used. Artificial method of killing is: in early March, Banpo planted a circle of tape back in the pond or mesh, lobsters can not enter the pool, when the lobster out of the cave, and artificial hunting.

Second, planting grass. Crab's good depends on water. Crab water distribution uniformity in the pool, the type of match, heavy water, water and floating aquatic plants by 6:2:2 match in order to adapt to the growth of crab habitat requirements. Yellow silk grass, lanterns, grass 90%, Elodea nuttallii 10% interval plants, plants cover about 70%. While moderate put snails, before the qingming Festival put about 500 kg per MU. No matter what planting water plants will do, but have to stay all year round water, water coverage is around 70%, and pool as pond bottom soil fertility, and needs full effects. Note: Moss in the pool with artificial fish out as soon as possible.  

three, into the good seed. The introduction of seed is an important link of river crab, seed selection is the key to farming, especially the crab to strict customs into seedlings. Clasp crab specifications in order, 100/kg in size? 300/kg, physique strong, creeping agile, appendage is complete, knuckle without damage, parasite-free, do not put the precocious crab. Desirable because of the pool, Mu put 500? 1000, beans and crab put 2500 per acre? 4,000. Seedlings planted pond requires (including pea shoots) crab body disinfection method is to let the seedling bag immersed in water, to adapt to the pool and the water temperature, and then using povidone iodine water 5 g per cubic metre for 10 minutes or 3?4% salt soak for 10? 15 minutes, ten days before the seedlings into the pool to pay attention to escape.

four, strong management. March under the crab has been basically pool to strengthen early management of pond, the water level to about 60 cm is appropriate, if any should deepen the pool of cold air, diet carnivorous, promote feeding with feed.


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