How did you choose the yangcheng Lake hairy crab aquaculture
 , choose the yangcheng Lake hairy crab aquaculture waters >   Select the yangcheng crabs in the waters of the success of fresh water hairy crabs start rather high standards for water quality, so choose the clear water, transparent 60 cm or more, can easily see the bottom growth of aquatic plants, water slowly, a depth of 1. About 2 m, sediment soils are loam, rigid and flat, no waves, no deep ditch, mud less than 15 cm, must also meet the following physical and chemical and biological indicators:
&Nbsp;   (a) the physical and chemical parameters
&Nbsp;   optimum temperature for growth of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs 25-28, 5 mg/l or more of dissolved oxygen, PH7. 5 8. 5, 0 ammonia nitrogen. 1 mg/liter, organic oxygen (COD) of less than 6 mg/l.
&Nbsp;   (b)
&Nbsp;   to "grass Lake" is the best aquatic vascular plants there are many different types of grasses grow, plankton and benthos in quantity and variety, hard water, the color of light, usually blue or green.

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