"Homicides yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" the registered overseas trademarks, to create an international brand
In order to adjust the "homicides yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" collective marks geographical indications branding, enhance trademark ability to protect themselves, in recent days, the trademark holder---homicides assistance of the Bureau of Kunshan yangcheng Lake crab Association, started to upgrade the trademark by a series of protective measures.

these measures including three aspects content: declared Jiangsu Province famous trademark; through Madrid International registered or single national (area) registered, first in Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan, to, and Japan, and Singapore, and Indonesia, and Malaysia, around national application international registered, then, according to export needs extended international registered range; extended registered category, will the trademark again registered in aquatic farming, and catering, and tourism sightseeing, category Shang.

according to homicides of yangcheng Lake crab Industry Association President Rong Wei introduced since November 2007, when the collective marks geographical indications have been approved by the State administration for industry and commerce since the Association promote trademarks using the Member units of the product quality, that the trademark brand is increasing. Last year, the trade marks to 308 million yuan of brand value, access to a Bank of China branch in homicides the credit amount of 100 million Yuan, resolved more than 30  members "financing".

due to the trademark is a registered trademark of General, and the 31st class crab (live) registration, limited ability to protect themselves, since last year, the market often discovered to be fake or "gold brand", has seriously affected the brands stronger. Meanwhile, in recent years, many members of units of the product have been exported to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia and other places, "homicides yangcheng Lake hairy crabs" collective marks geographical indications into rising demand for international brands.

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