Growth cycle of yangcheng Lake hairy crabs all year round
&Nbsp;    crab-eating is not a year round access, growth periodicity of the crab, determines the characteristics of crab-eating sometimes. Crabs are crustaceans amphibians, its growth process is different from other similar Aquarium, with shell growth rules, each off a shell, they grew up round, after repeated shelling, from small crabs grow into large crab. Crab-eating by shelling season is different, from small crabs eat crabs, eat "crab winter, without a trace."

     the growth of crab generally consists of three seasons:

     and spring. Hatch crab eggs on the mother, you can leave the mother, after shelling into juvenile crabs, crabs are too small and unfit for consumption.

     II, early summer to early autumn. Juvenile crab shells into small crabs, each weighing 20 50 grams, then every shell has significant features in a crab shell from green to Brown. Inner belly and white crab claw foot is covered with purple spots, called "crabs", also known as "rust crab". A small, hard sturdy shell, is a small crab in the best quality. Crab shells soon softens the crab's body weakness, papery shell suits, but the body has been very strong, commonly known as "crab" cooked without peeling can be eaten, is a small crab in the boutique. Because small crabs in shell, stop the activity, can catch little, hardly visible on the market. After shelling crab continues to grow, and crab shells are still green, and although we have grown up a lot, but the outer shell soft, less meat, more water, commonly known as a "water cancer", is the worst-quality stage. This season of rust crab, soft shell crab, crab water collectively hairy crab, is the most suitable raw material for making cheap seasonal crab dish.

      III, autumn to autumn. Crab has grown into a big crab, commonly known as crabs. Is the peak of crab-eating. About crab popular sayings such as "West wind, crab legs itch", "nine female and 10 male", "crab winter, without a trace," and so on, disclosure crab season is the growing maturity of crabs, what time to eat crab, crab season will disappear from the market and other information.

     since ancient times, many men of Daihatsu in the crab-eating mood, poetry and lyrics, leaving many poems in praise of crab. Such as Su Dongpo "does not know the truth, does not eat crabs live up to the belly"; his "shell protruding red resin block sweet ... ... Grease glue stick mouth. " These poems, induced the attractiveness of the crab.

     crab-like watch a highlights throughout. Eat crabs like to see kicked off play, quality is not very high but the first to stir up and could only serve as crab-eating "pawn". To eat crabs in late autumn is the real crab-eating family. Although crabs are not like crabs, but also has a special advantage, just add some suitable accessories, through careful cooking, have access to good quality crab dish. Since ancient times, the predecessors have left many folk homemade crab dish, were welcomed by today. And, in the tradition on the basis of innovation, make homemade crab dish more colorful.

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