Development of the crab industry
&Nbsp;    crab is by natural reproduction in the wild. Each year after the autumnal Equinox, Mistral, crab gonad maturity, and then looking for a suitable climate, flow rate appropriate for waters "destination weddings", conceived and developed, peaceful delivery. Is where they dream of generations of the Changjiang estuary, ovulation, birth, until after celebrating childhood,

reflux to once again stay "home"-the rivers and lakes, continue to grow in the CAO Qing Feng Shui environment, so year after year, come and go, go back, forming a unique migratory habits of crabs.

     history in the 1990 of the 20th century, the original "all access pass" flow less smoothly for many rivers due to the variety of water conservancy construction barrier layers, it can no longer "blew out" migratory; the second is water environment has many different degrees of pollution, crabs are '' General Affairs ", won't enter the" danger "

, for a time, became more rare as yangcheng lake crabs. The other hand, the crab's growing reputation, a strong demand in the market, which is formed through consensus of the breed to meet the demand. Thus, yangcheng Lake crab industry came into being, and development is booming.

     raised crab of first step to first determine raised crab way, plenty of selected water Hou through "fence" farming, is so-called of "Lake raised"--first to select a Feng Shui good, and water clear, and shades suitable, and Lake end of flat hard of waters, then with bamboo tree Duan, formed a cannot '' escape '' of water environment; plenty of cage sank water of "box raised"--is with bamboo box seal network, hanging in bamboo column Shang, then sank people Lake, formed has not '' slip through the '' Water environment;

plenty of dug pond diversion "pond"-to create a depth of appropriate size, suitable, appropriate slope, bottom surface hardness suitable, and not easily leak ... ... These crab basic quest is to have a '' closed '' water environment.

     the second step is to put selected seedlings. When breeding season, farmers made a special trip to the estuary of the Yangtze River, from reputable trustworthy seed units, purchase fresh and agile crab, stocked in proportion to the building in advance of the '' water environment, go to.

     then is the careful management – timely delivery of each diet, natural grasses, insects and the like, it was cake, pasta and the like, and some crabs in the water "noninterference" aquatic products are fully

use of resources, and more.

     is the worst to can see the crab in various growth stages of "movements", feel that they are having difficulty breathing will change the water of oxygen, when you see them do anything right "injections", in particular, to be aware of all endanger the safety of crabs such as snakes, mice, leeches, yellow predators such as wolves, to clean, to guarantee the growth of crab plain sailing.

     If the water pollution in the Middle will bring farmers of disaster, so we must always pay attention to water quality of the Lake, an alert, to take immediate action, otherwise it will lose out.

     or Duan break missed, man Bank, or water, or interfere with the restless, crabs escape occurs, a little attention would "benefit spill over" a night of empty, miserable, causing irreparable damage.

     in recent years, in order to implement the policy to enrich, the Government attaches great importance to popularization of science and technology on the crab, seminars, send bait, timely issued disease alert, timely weather forecasts and take preventive measures in order that the smooth development of the crab industry to meet the growing needs of the market.

     artificial cultivation of wild delicious crab though, but the crab cream fat, flattering. Farmers often grow bigger male pounds, females 82 of the person after the King crab, crab, is breathtaking.

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