315 evening thought our industry
&Nbsp;   yesterday Watch has CCTV 315 party, does to I touches is deep, those known of industry, actually exists with these amazing of insider, to seek not due of high profit, by hook or by crook, in people think quite authority of sector, also do with cheat customer, this let we consumers on this integrity system and produced has is big of questions, what market in the also has didn't integrity, regulatory sector and up to what role does?

    and look at our industry, known as yangcheng stores, and sold several real yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, or 315 of the party a number of years, and also have our report, it will be the ruin of the industry, the industry's bubble will break it, what can we do about it?

     We have to fake who claims to be the formal shops stores, out of our industry, but they have nowhere to live, they also need clean up the wrongful act, prohibited in yangcheng adulterate product, with impurities, a defective product. Self-discipline, our industry can endure, to provide our customers with high quality services.

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